Before your Big Surgery Day you’ll want to pick up a few things. You don’t *have* to have all these things, but they will make your life easier and more comfortable.  If money’s tight, you don’t have to buy all of this—for example, you can pick up a few extra straws the next time you eat out, you can ask the doctor’s office for some extra gauze pads before you leave or at your follow up appointment.  You can ask friends to bring by some magazines.

Honestly, sleep is going to be your best friend those first couple of days. Well, pain medication and sleep.

Top Surgery Post-Op Gear – Drake’s Crib Sheet for Recovery

  1. Grabber
  2. Bendable drinking straws
  3. Gauze pads
  4. Medical tape
  5. Wipes-organic, scent free, flushable
  6. Antibiotic ointment
  7. Hydrocortisone ointment (not cream)
  8. Handheld shower attachment
  9. Step stool for high bed
  10. Download movies
  11. Magazines, books
  12. Back scratcher
  13. Back sponge on a stick
  14. Laxatives such as Ducolax or Colace
  15. Prunes, yogurt, probiotics
  16. Benedryl to help with itching
  17. Scar treatment of your preference (you can’t use this until your wounds are healed though!)
  18. Travel pillow for sleeping on your back
  19. Pill box
  20. Notebook and folder for keeping all the paperwork and your notes in
  21. Plastic poncho for minimal showering
  22. Bed lap tray
  23. Ginger chews for nausea

Is there anything else you can’t live without?  Let us know.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and here’s to being unbound!


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Drake Cameron Sterling

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