For years I just wanted to put on a shirt that fit.

My breasts wouldn’t let me.

I’ve been wearing boys’, then men’s, clothes for as long as I can remember.  As my breasts grew I had to buy bigger and bigger men’s shirts to accommodate them.  They looked baggy and ill-fitting.  If I wore a shirt that was presumably my size, the buttons were stretched painfully tight as if they might pop off and reveal my secret.  This was really hard…every…damn…day.

My hats off to the tailors who began and continue to produce clothes to help us sort out our wardrobes and ourselves.  Thuy Custom Clothier,  Point 5ccSaint Harridan, Hautebutch, Bindle and Keep, Charlie Boy, Kipper Clothiers… there are more, and the list keeps growing.

Ah, then came Top Surgery (insert angel music).  It is pure joy putting on a t-shirt or dress shirt and having it fit well across the chest.  No longer do I have to bind; my cleavage doesn’t taunt me when I see myself in the mirror.  My sighs and eye rolls at my reflection have been replaced by a big approving grin and head nod.

But now that I’ve got my shirt on, hey I want to take it off and show off my new pecs.

Do you plan to go topless after your surgery? Let us know!


Top Surgery:  Unbound – An Insider’s Guide to Chest Masculinization Surgery 

Drake Cameron Sterling

Now available on Amazon