You want top surgery. Maybe. But you’re over 50 so naturally doubts creep in. 

Am I too old?  Shouldn’t I have done this ages ago? 

Maybe I waited too long and I can just admire the chests of those 20-something year olds who post all over the internet just to make me jealous 😉   

Will my body have any trouble healing from a major surgery? What about skin elasticity? 

Look, you’re likely already handling peri-menopausal hormone madness and maybe trying to figure out how to lose the extra pounds around your belly because your metabolism slowed down without telling you.

And at 50+ your own gender has likely shape shifted over the years – lesbian? butch? dyke? queer?… You might be wondering— if I have top surgery does this make me transgender? If I identify as trans, what are the reverberations?  Could I lose my job and how the hell am I going to get another one at my age? You’ll probably have to come out -again-  in one way or another.  People will have questions.

Let’s try to cut through some of these ropes that have your mind/body knotted in confusion.

Yes, you can get top surgery when you’re over 50. 

The biggest determining factor is not your chronological age, it’s your overall state of health.  What underlying health issues, if any, do you have?  Diabetes? Heart, liver or kidney issues?  Do you smoke?  How’s your blood pressure?  It’s really important to be honest with your surgeon because there are often work arounds. 

How’s your mental health?  How stable is your life – what I mean by that is do you have supportive people in your life? Do you have an alcohol or drug addiction? Can you get time off of work?  Will their be conflict within your relationship if you have the surgery and can you imagine working through that?

At 50-something, you may be a little more tired after surgery depending on how fit you are.  You may have some skin elasticity issues but the surgeon will look at that and recommend the right surgery for your body.  Some over 50 wonder about “dog ears” which are those flaps of skin that hand below the armpits post surgery.  Well, guess what? That happens to people under 50 as well.  Just discuss the likelihood of this happening for your body type with your surgeon.

Age can actually work in your favor.  You might be employed and actually have accumulated some time off and some decent medical insurance benefits.  You may have established friendships and have already sorted through which family members will be supportive and which won’t. 

How you choose to identify your gender is as boundless as you are.  Whether that’s trans or queer or gender variant or non binary or none of the above!  

And you!  You lived through some things.  You have super powers. Top surgery at 50, 55, 62?  Yes, you can.

I may be an old dawg but I got some new tricks!

I may be an old dawg but I got some new tricks!


Top Surgery: Unbound - An Insider's Guide to Chest Masculinization Surgery


Top Surgery:  Unbound – An Insider’s Guide to Chest Masculinization Surgery 

Drake Cameron Sterling

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